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The most important criteria for the best poker site & a good online poker room

In order for a poker provider to actually describe itself as the best poker site or even “excellent”, a number of criteria must be met in the 888 poker provider comparison. The same applies to the poker bonus comparison. It is clearly mentioned and carried out the most important criteria in the following test. In this way it is possible for everyone to carry out their own online poker comparison, should this be so desired.

Poker game offer

At the top of the poker provider test, the general range of games is examined. The point here is that there are as many game variants and limits as possible that the player can use. The limits are about finding out which type of player the poker provider is aimed at – beginners or semi-professionals and high rollers? The same can be done for the tournaments and SNGs, whereby one speaks here of buy-ins.

Poker bonus offer

In addition to the range of games, the new customer bonus is also important. Almost every poker room offers this – like the Party Poker Bonus Code. You usually get a certain bonus amount on the first deposit, which is based on the amount of the deposit up to a certain maximum. You can also dedicate yourself to the bonus offers of the various online poker rooms in a special poker bonus comparison. But is that enough to be the best poker site? It should also be mentioned here that value should be placed on good feasibility, a high amount and many existing customer campaigns.

Security & Seriousness

With regard to security and reliability, it is primarily about finding out which licenses the supposedly best poker room has, how it is regulated and where the headquarters are. But also the random number generator (RNG) in the game and the encryption of the website and software are important criteria.

Customer service

Customer service tends to occupy a smaller area in the test, but should not be neglected. For example, it becomes important when a withdrawal is requested. Nobody wants this to take several days and weeks. But also for questions about the bonus or the range of games you want to get the fastest possible answers. Therefore, most providers should have at least one support email address. Telephone and live chat are of course even better.