Much Better App and Casinos – Everything You Need To Know

Much Better App and Casinos – Everything You Need To Know

Top casinos worldwide have one thing in common – a secure payment mode. This is paramount since the gambling industry transacts billions of dollars annually. 

The latest data for online gambling market shows a value of $59 billion and is projected to hit $90.9 billion by 2023. Therefore a safe, secure payment on these sites is paramount.

MuchBetter app has been generating a lot of interest recently in the gambling industry. This UK-based payment app has won several awards for its innovative security measures.

This post on MuchBetter is everything you need to know about this new app making the rounds on online casinos and some tips to use it for gambling.

MuchBetter app – what is it?

MuchBetter is a mobile payment app that aims to simplify users’ spending habits. Launched from London in 2016, MuchBetter is operational in 180 countries, works in 17 local languages, and has offices in seven countries.

MuchBetter has made a name in the contactless payment segment with several outstanding features.

The developers of MuchBetter created the dynamic CVV code, which is the first in the world. Unlike the CVV that appears on debit and credit cards, MuchBetter’s CVV is a three-digit number stored in the app and changes after every transaction.

In addition, every account on the MuchBetter app has device pairing protection and touch ID, making this e-wallet unrivaled in security. Transactions on MuchBetter are also free, and fingerprint enabled, so you don’t have to bother about passwords and IDs to remember.

Furthermore, MuchBetter has an excellent user interface making the signup process and transaction effortless. MuchBetter also continuously updates its security measure, especially to prevent fraud.

Because of its unrivaled security, compatibility, and ease of use, top casinos worldwide have started using MuchBetter for transactions. MuchBetter has also connected exclusively to casinos.

MuchBetter casinos

Because of the popularity of MuchBetter in the gambling world, MuchBetter casino is a term used to refer to casinos that use the app. Some of the top casinos, including many European outfits have MuchBetter as their payment options.

Of course, these casinos also have other payment options, including Skrill, Neteller, credit cards, and bank transfers etc. Several of the top online casinos also have options for cryptocurrency, making the payment facility very versatile

Reasons why casinos love the MuchBetter app

Among all the industries, gaming has swiftly adapted the MuchBetter app for transactions and the reasons behind this include:

Fraud prevention

MuchBetter has robust security that reduces fraud, which is much appreciated in gambling. This innovative e-wallet incorporates KYC due intelligence and allows the gaming and casinos to interrogate the data

In addition, MuchBetter also has the technology to eliminate wallet-originated fraud.

Ideal commercial model for gaming

MuchBetter has a net monthly deposit model that reduces payment fees, making it extremely convenient for casinos. The feature also reduces processing costs and money churn, which is a bonus for players and operators.

Worldwide payment solution

Since its launch, MuchBetter has been a favorite of casinos all over Europe and America. This gaming-friendly e-wallet also supports localized payment options, increasing its global acceptance.

MuchBetter Canada and Brazil are part of the app’s future-proof expansion.

Multidevice scalability

MuchBetter also has great scalability across multiple platforms. You can download the MuchBetter app for desktops, laptops, and tablets. MuchBetter also has separate apps for Android and iOS devices, so you can use this e-wallet seamlessly anywhere from any device.

Instant rewards

Another reason why gamers, as well as gaming operators, love the MuchBetter app is the rewards. As gamers on a live dealer casino, MuchBetter has several instant rewards, and the payouts are instant and have low FX fees. MuchBetter’s aim for expansion also makes it easy to reach new players easily. 

For casino owners and gaming operators, MuchBetter is also a favorite because it has features such as – high deposit acceptance rates in multi-currency, real-time transactions and high conversion rates.